Effective marketing will solidify your brand’s position in the marketplace and help you to gain more of the market share in your industry. 

How much should my Business Spend on Marketing?

It is recommended that you allocate approximately 5% of your annual turnover to marketing in order to maintain your current market position. 

If you’re looking to expand and increase your market share, then around 10% is recommended. This can vary between industries, but this is a good starting point.

Why Outsource your Marketing?

The most important answer is: saving time and money. Outsourcing your marketing and social media management saves on staffing costs and brings fresh eyes to your business and how to convey your message.

As a Marketing Agency, our success is only based on the success we can bring for our clients. If we’re not getting results for you, you’re unlikely to continue wanting our services! We’re highly-accountable and really invest ourselves in your business to bring in valuable leads.

You also get consistency, which is a vital key to maintaining your current market position. This can be lost with in-house staff as they move between projects and priorities, leaving things like website updates, blogging and newsletters farther down the priority list. 

Social Media Management

Social media is the missing link between creating great content and getting it noticed. There is little point having wonderful content and having no one read it!

Our Social media managers free you from the time-consuming tasks of content creation and posting on your social media accounts. From Facebook posts, LinkedIn Pulse articles and Tweets all the way through to publishing and updating content on your website, we’re experts at getting you noticed online.

With packages to suit businesses of any size, you can get back to work and let us keep on top of your social media channels.

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