The Importance of Meta-Tags (and how to nail them!)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

What are Meta-Tags?

Meta-Tags are small pieces of HTML code included in the header area of your website. They don’t appear on the website itself, but describe the content of the site when they appear in an online search. Meta-Tags are a simple, summarised version of what people can expect to find on your website. They tell search engine users what your site is about.

3 parts to Meta-Tags 

  1. Tag Title - The first words that appear when your site comes up in a search. These must match your website, or the search engine can choose to display something different.
  2. Meta Description - Your site’s summary; what you are offering people.
  3. Keywords - If you took all other words away, a searcher should be able to work out what you offer just by reading the keywords. Keep them relevant.

How can I make Meta-Tags work for my website?

Although they don’t necessarily add to your ranking in an online search, when written carefully, Meta-Tags can assist with customer engagement and click-throughs to your website. They are important because they can help convert your search engine appearances into website visitors when done right. 

There are a few things you can do to make sure your site gets click-throughs from the Meta-Tags you use, including:

  • Keep Meta-Tags short and sharp so they don’t get cut off at the end when they appear in online searches. 
  • Ensure they are relevant to what people will find on your site by including keywords specific to what you offer. However, don’t stuff a whole lot of keywords in there, write naturally.
  • Encourage the reader to take action, e.g. with a special deal for a limited time only, or offer something for free. Make them curious to find out more.
  • Focus on getting your message across rather than getting your brand name in there. Searchers can find out more about your business name and brand once they click through.
  • Make Meta-Tags compelling and connect with the searcher on an emotional level to encourage them further to click through.

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