Reasons your Website Copy isn't Working (and how to fix it)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Great website content is the key to getting important traction online, but, get it wrong and you could be driving business away. Rather than keyword stuffing and putting up shoddy content at the last minute, take a closer look at just how important (and easy) it is to get it right.

Problem 1: Not engaging 

Long, drawn-out sentences will lose many people from the get-go. If customers don’t feel compelled to read on, they won’t. If they can’t find the information they need quickly, they’ll move on. 

Fix it - K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple, Silly! Website copy must engage and excite from the start. 

  • Hook them in with webpage headings and sub-headings that answer their questions straight up.
  • Produce succinct, well-written copy that’s informative and to the point.
  • Use bullet points and plenty of “white-space” for easy reading.

Problem 2: Too generalised

If you’re not inside the head of your target customer, you may as well be writing to a brick wall. Information that doesn’t address real customer pain points is a one-way ticket back to Google.

Fix it - Determine your target market and niche customer. 

  • Write copy that sets the tone you’d like your brand to portray.
  • Let customers know what sets you apart as the expert in your niche market.
  • Answer the questions your customers are typing into search engines.

Problem 3: No Call to Action

High volume traffic to your website is one thing, but are you converting it into sales? Would you believe many businesses don’t have ‘Call to Action’ buttons on their website? Even worse still, business contact details are hidden amidst an intricate web of clicks - BIG mistake!

Fix it - To convert website traffic into customers you need to give them a direct line to contacting you.

  • Make your contact information easy to find and don’t forget an email address.
  • Include a ‘Call to Action’ link on every single page.
  • Address pain points in your Call to Action. Instead of “Call us for a pest inspection”, you may like to say “Get rid of cockroaches in your home now! Call us”.

Sometimes it just falls into the too-hard basket, especially for time-poor business owners. Get your website up to scratch by getting the pros on the job. Contact or call 1300 073 078.