Make your Website the HERO of your Business in 10 EASY STEPS!

Monday, May 01, 2017

Follow these Website Superpowers:

1.     Hit the Headlines

Use a headline that is not only catchy, but uses keywords and includes terms that your customers are searching for online.

2.     Keep it short and sweet

Keeping paragraphs simple creates more white space, making for easier reading and higher reader engagement.

3.     Use bullet points

Most people scan online text and don’t read all the written copy, so use bullet points or numbered lists to draw attention to details.

4.     Include sub-headings

Again, these make content easy to read and are great for SEO too!

5.     Important information comes first

A few succinct sentences with all the necessary information need to be front and centre. Add details after you’ve obtained the reader’s attention.

6.     Know your target audience

To write copy that’s well directed at your niche market, you need to ask yourself these questions - Who are my target customers? What do they want? Will they understand the content? Will they want to share it?

7.     Don’t use jargon

Following on from number 6, keep your copy simple. Don’t write in industry-specific jargon that potential customers will not understand.

8.     Infuse with personality

Decide on the personality you want your brand to portray and inject this into your copy. Creating a connection with the reader will make them feel like they know you and want to make contact.

9.     Keep them clicking

Don’t fall into the trap of keeping each page on your website a solo entity. As much as you can, use hyperlinks to direct readers to your previous work and other pages on your site that they will want to see.

10. Don’t forget the call to action

On every single page you must include a call to action link from which to convert website traffic into customers. This is a big one - do not forget!

Website copy can be tricky to devise, but keep it simple and engaging and you’re up, up and away!

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Article by: Rachel Allworth - The Writing Group Copywriter