Is your niche the same as your audience?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Audience, target market, niche, which is which and what means what? Much of the time these terms are used interchangeably, but they are not all the same. Simply put by marketing guru Michael Port, “Your target market is the group of people you serve. Your niche is the service you specialize in offering to your target market.” Audience is similar to target market, but let’s look at each alone.

  • Audience - This is the largest of the three. Your audience is the group of people you aim your marketing at in general. For example, if you are in the Health and Fitness industry your audience, is all those who have an interest in keeping fit and healthy.

  • Target Market - Within your general audience you then have a target market of people who may be interested in what you provide - they also may not be interested. So again, within the Health and Fitness industry you may target runners and the items or advice they need for running.

  • Niche - This is the ‘why’. Why are you doing what you do? What problem do people have that you can help solve? To narrow the example down again, your niche in this area may be runners who are mums and dads.

In regards to the content you produce for your business, it can also be aimed at each of the three - the wider audience, a more defined target market and then a smaller section again - a select niche. If we use the above example of the Health and Fitness industry, content writing topics for you may look like this - 

  • Wider Audience - 5 simple steps to staying fit and healthy.

  • Target Market - 5 ways running helps you stay fit.

  • Niche - 5 tips to fit running in around work and family life.

When providing content to your readers, you must decide who you are writing to from the start and which segment of potential customers you wish to aim at. For all of these three levels, the common thread is the same - you want to educate (eventually sell) directly to those most likely to buy.  

Whether it’s a broad audience or a select niche, we can help define your content marketing. To find out more, contact us