How to choose your niche - a 5 Step Guide

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

As they say, ‘Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’. Using this theory and starting with what drives you, can help nut out your niche in a few simple steps and then steer your direction for targeting customers.

What? Why? Where? Who?

  • What are my interests and passions? Your niche lies within your own areas of interest. It’s something you think about every day, something you are good at or enjoy doing and something that drives you. When you are passionate it shows in your words and actions, and people see it. Using your interests to decide on a niche is the perfect place to start.
  • Why do people need my product/service? Sit down and have a think about what problems people have and how your niche area can help solve them. This is simple, but effective. Everyone loves the perfect solution to a problem!
  • Where do I find my target audience? Now you need to put yourself in the mind of a potential customer. Why do they need your product or service and what questions will they be typing into Google? Nut out the keywords they will most likely be using to search the net and investigate sites they use. This will help narrow down your niche as well as find and refine your potential customers.
  • Who is my competition? Once you have narrowed down your niche market, research who your competition is. Decide what it is that they provide, that you can do better - and then do it!


  • After you’ve sorted out your niche area, marketing to this group comes next. You’ve already done your research on where they ‘hang-out’ online, so you need to start hanging-out there too. 
  • Use your previous keyword research to narrow down blogs that your ideal customer frequents. 
  • Start commenting on blogs - answering questions and giving helpful information (maybe recommending your business on occasion).
  • Target your own business blog to this niche customer, including answers to common questions you’ve observed and, of course, inserting keywords.

Once you have found your niche and decided to write a targeted blog, having expert help can tweak your marketing even further. 

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