Has Video Killed the Blog Writing Star?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Just as the Buggles predicted Video would kill the Radio Star, can we say the same about Video overtaking written content?

Video content seems to be everywhere and everything when it comes to marketing right now. According to Cisco it currently accounts for 69% of all consumer traffic on the net, which is predicted to rise up to 80% by 2019. In our fast-paced society, videos are quick to watch, naturally engaging and easily absorbed by consumers, so why wouldn’t they be the next big thing to attract potential customers? But, has video killed the traditional blog?

Video Content

It’s trending for a reason – humans love visual input! (Netflix binge, anyone?) But, just as with an Academy Award Winning Drama, quality trumps quantity.

Video content must be top quality to make the biggest impact and it needs to really connect with the viewer so they feel compelled to share.

The time it takes in shooting, re-shooting and editing videos can become inefficient and costly, unless you can commit to a strong video marketing campaign.
Still want to do video but afraid of poor quality letting you down?

Snapchat is THE place for “Behind the Scenes” clips, making it more forgiving for self-filmed video. Add this to the power of it being the platform with the largest usage, but with (currently) small business sector uptake, and you can capture the attention of your market with little competition. 

“When you’re on Snapchat, you’re in Snapchat, you’re not in a news feed, you’re not scrolling down…it’s a completely controlled environment. You’ve basically got their attention for 10 seconds.” 
Kerwin Rae, businessman, entrepreneur, investor and international speaker.

If you already have a huge following on other social media, use this power to upload just small snippets of video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for quick attention grabs, without the need for extensive editing. Always end with an outro featuring your social media handles and website address.

Written Content

Not to be outdone by the video boom, written content is far from being video’s poor cousin. Apart from SEO, well-written blogs and website content are critical to give your audience somewhere to go once you’ve hooked them with video. Written content – especially valuable and share-worthy content – is the backbone of your marketing strategy.

So how do you get your audience to read your content?

1.      Make it something worth reading!

2.      Share it, share it, share it!

3.      Talk about it!

When talking with a colleague, friend or potential customer and a relevant subject comes up tell them you’ve written a blog. Something like “Hey, I just wrote a blog about that, you should check it out.” Give them your business card, drop them a link or show them right there and then on your device.

Stuck for words?

Start simply and commit to just one blog per month. The absolute key is providing value to your ideal audience and keeping it as precise and targeted as possible.

Only address one single topic per blog post. Why? Well, for starters, it saves other topics for future posts but, importantly, writing on just one topic allows you to delve deeper into it and give better value to readers.

Google algorithms are being tweaked all the time to give the best user experience. Simply, the more often you are putting up fresh content, the more likely you are to be found.

The Verdict

Rather than being rivals, video and written content work hand in hand for smart business owners. Attention-grabbing video can entice and excite and written content creates value and information. Both are integral parts of the customer engagement experience and, therefore, your sales and marketing process.

Just in case this Blog has put you in the mood for some Buggles, click here.

Image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8r-tXRLazs

Article by Rachel Allworth ~ The Writing Group ~ hello@thewritinggroup.com.au