Creative Writing: How to nail it!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Your first foray into the world of Creative Writing competitions can be tricky when you aren’t aware of how they work. Your love of writing may not be enough if you forget important items that make it a competition. Don’t miss out on a spot at the top by overlooking these 5 important points.

  1. Check the theme - Many creative writing competitions have a theme, and as the writer you need to use this throughout your story. If you don’t use the central theme as set out by the competition guidelines, your entry is going nowhere.

  2. Get familiar with the rules - The theme is not the only rule you must follow. There will be word limits, font type and size, line and paragraph spacing and the list may go on. Omitting items that may seem trivial, could in fact hold your entry back from progressing to the final stages.

  3. Choose a compelling title - As they say ‘first impressions last’ and the title of your story is the judges’ first look into what your work is about. Take some time to think about a title that is not only relevant to your story but also eye-catching and one which makes people want to read it.

  4. Stand out from the crowd - As a writer you already know how important plot, setting and characters are, so be sure to make your piece stand out to your target audience with a storyline that is as far from typical or overdone as possible. Draw the reader in from the first line with something that entices them to keep wanting more (i.e. NOT the weather).

  5. Don’t miss the due date - This one may sound like a super simple point, but between going to school, playing sports, hanging out with friends and home-life, things can get pretty busy, to the point where before you know it, the due date was yesterday! Get started early and maybe even make your submission early so you do not miss that deadline.

The Writing Group recently sponsored the Spark Creative Writing Competition 2017. This competition, open to high school students across the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, had $1000 worth of prizes up for grabs and we are looking forward to the winners' announcement soon.

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