3 Ways Copywriting for Business is like the State of Origin

Monday, July 03, 2017

Every year it’s the same old rivalry between the Mighty Blues and Maroons - State of Origin! It brings out the competitive streak in even the least-sporty amongst us, and unfortunately for those of us born and bred in New South Wales, the outcome is not often a win. A game of football or 3, may not seem like a natural analogy to use when it comes to writing website copy, but when it comes to a trained eye, there’s some clear correlations between the origin series and copywriting for business.

1. You start off not knowing the outcome.

At the start of the Origin series, everyone is pumped - the players, the coaches, the fans. There’s three big games ahead and no one knows the outcome (although it may be slightly predictable where NSW is concerned!), but they’re excited for the future. When it comes to copywriting for your website that initial buzz is also present among all involved - the business owner, the staff, the copywriter - everyone has a bunch of fabulous ideas that they’re hopeful will score some big goals. The game is on and everyone is working hard for a win!

2. You’re halfway there but need to do the hard yards in the editing phase.

By the mid-way point of the Origin series - there’s one of two possibilities on the table - it’s either ‘Even Stevens’ or a clear winner can be seen.  This is this toughest part and the editing phase of your business copy is no different. The ideas are down and now you are all labouring away to make everything work just how you want it to. If you bury your head in the scrum for too long you may drop the ball at some point during the edit, so stopping for a bit at half time and regaining focus is essential to a successful outcome. Listen to your coach’s (read: editor’s) advice and prepare for a big finish.

3. You publish and get a result with lots of engagement = win!

The final game has arrived and if there’s been a tough battle between teams, the end result of a series win is relief. When you get to the publishing phase of your new website copy and you share it right, the results will be rewarding. Lots of new traffic to your site and customer engagement, leading to a boost in sales is your ultimate win. 

The difference between a good and bad result for your business is in establishing clear goals, communication, teamwork and of course, getting just the right copy. Now, if only our ‘Mighty Blues’ could get that right!

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